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Don't give negative beliefs negative energy!

"Were the storms worse then before?" a BBC page asked on the web. Apparently not, but naming them gave them more attention and hence the appearance that the wintry weather was worse than previous years. It was wetter - the wettest since 1947 - but the storms were normal winter storms. When we draw attention to something, we give it energy and that energy in turn draws more attention from ourselves during the day or week as well as from others. I was listening to an excellent audio on this the other day and put the two stories together with other psychology we learn.

Beliefs are propositions we create to describe the world and ourselves - notions such as "I can't draw," or "I'm afraid of spiders" or "Oh, I don't like history!" Such propositions are in themselves neutral until we give them energy - we put emotion into them and from that emotion we take our actions, moving away from spiders, bemoaning our poor drawing skills, or switching off in history lessons.

As a species - or is this a cultural thing - we do give the negative propositions a lot of energy, moaning, whingeing, complaining about the world around us. Yet at the flick of a switch in our mind (we have the power to do this), we can close on sluice gate and open another to look at the world more positively. It takes an instant.

I was doing an assessment with a young teenager who was giving an awful lot of energy to the negative in life (more than the stereotypical teen!) and I pointed this out to her - that she had the power not to focus on the bad things in life but the good, and that she was effectively feeding the bad - the dark side of the force, as Star Wars calls it. I don't know if my words could make a difference, but I know if I didn't say them, it wouldn't have been right.We all have the ability to shift our energy from the negative, the gloomy, the dark, the evil around us and into the positive, the light, and the gorgeous beauty that we can find if we look. It is just a matter of directing the energy away from the bad stuff, the self belittling thoughts, the focus we give the constantly negative news...We can literally turn away or we can choose not to give the belief the time and energy.

I barely read the news - I glance at the headlines and wonder the impact on people's lives as they take it all in and go around in a cloud of misery and fear. If instead we can focus on the good things we have (gratitude), the skills that we love cultivating (rather than beating ourselves up for the things we don't have a disposition for), the beauty around us (rather than the ugliness) we can empower ourselves to improve, have a smile on our face, and be pleasant to others. Simple really.

The wisdom of looking at what we have, at the good things in people and the world around - shifting energy from one channel of beliefs to another - is ancient. It can be read in Confucius, Lao Tzu, and the Buddha. We've still a lot to learn from them.

So when we're reviewing the news or listening to a pupil bemoan their lack of skills, we can ask ourselves - do I need to give this belief energy and hence give it further momentum, or shall I shift focus into the more positive? Or if our neighbours or our charges are in serious need - we can offer a rescue line: charity to those far away in need; a rescue line to those around us we can reach out to pull them out of a hole (mental, emotional, intellectual, physical).

The energy we can then provide is from the positive side of life - it's of the form, yes, I can help you, or yes, you're in a hole - let's get you out (rather than watching them suffer in a hole); or 'do you need a hug?'! It's so much easier to help others when we have energy spare than when we're wallowing in the negative news or the past or things we can't change!

Article by Dr Alexander Moseley
Added Fri, 12 Feb 2016 09:39


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