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Entrepreneurs and school - time for a change!

Last week we all worked with several students (different ages, genders, and schools) who were strongly frustrated about school: about the perceived lack of respect or disinterest in them or their ambitions or about having to do courses or exams they don't want to do.

I wondered if we were attracting children and young people who struggle with institutions, and the answer is certainly yes: but they are a minority amongst our clientele. We also attract many more from the category of those who get on well in school, want to flourish, and fit easily into corporate or institutional environments. Probably the same proportions as in life!

The ones who struggle in school can be early entrepreneurial or artistic types. Some have home issues which is of course deeper, but if we talk about running a business or following a personal passion, the entrepreneurs wake up and get excited. Schools are typically a struggle for such types, as they hate being micromanaged – and getting into trouble usually has them being micromanaged! They need freedom to pursue their own path, which of course runs against the paths our schools and curricula create, so they have to bide their time until they can be unleashed – and that for some of them cannot come a day too soon!

In the meantime, recognizing their strong urge to define their own path helps; giving their dreams respect helps; and putting them into the bigger picture of a work ethic, a focused mind, and the relevancy (or not as the case may be) of their current course; so too does talking about the energy of money, and the need to serve people through the market place. (When we serve others, we get paid!).

For such students, we often shift the tuition to make it more relevant to their studies: one of my favourite connections is to review compound interest and the power of businesses to enjoy great massive growth rates, and why, therefore, businesses typically plough their profits back into enterprises.

A couple of weeks back, one of my frustrated pupils showed me a video called ‘Don’t Go To School’ by boyinaband: I sat there and nodded. “He’s right. I agree. But then he wasn’t taught by people like us was he? And he did concentrate on maths and avoid the more human subjects available to him. Sounds as if he’s just grown up, and he’s angry. Bless him!” The young man’s anger is palpable – he wants all subjects to be relevant and appropriate to each student, something I’ve been passionate about for a long time – which is why we home educate our children.

My dream is to create an entrepreneurial school that adapts to each pupil’s needs and ambitions – it’s highly feasible and I’ve got the brains the plans…all I need is the place and the money! Anyone interested with an idealist bent – send me an email via this site or

Article by Dr Alexander Moseley
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