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Get the best out of a poor situation by thinking different

The commercial message begins earlier and earlier so that it's now out even before they've left school!

But rather than facing this new school year with a sense of dread or boredom as unfortunately many do, you can change it all right now with a few simple alterations to your thinking.

The environments we inhabit are not just fixed and unalterable; they are very much a product of our own thinking: not someone else's thinking that means but yours. The world around you is a product of what you think about it. Yes, gravity exists and schools have rules and classes you must attend, but the choice is yours and yours alone to decide how you interpret it - how you see it. And therefore you're free to make of it what you will.

This is as true for teachers by the way as it is for you as a pupil or parent. Some teachers go back to school with a sense of dread - unsurprisingly they're the ones who get sick a lot! Same with pupils.

Sometimes an environment such as a school can be highly toxic: in such cases moving school or jobs is critical - you don't get any points for being a martyr! Othertimes, all you need to do is to alter your perception of what you see: focus on the teachers whose classes you enjoy, find something useful in the classes that you don't enjoy.

For some reason many pupils are put off French, which is a real shame. The curriculum doesn't do itself any favours so you have to create the interest rather than just sitting back and saying "this is a waste of time." Anything is a waste of time when you think it is, so find something in it that can appeal. For instance, make up a crazy English sentence ("my toilet is full of poo and I don't want to put my hand in...") or write out a dreamboard in French.

Same with any subject - turn the pain or boredom into something that makes sense to you. Your mind is an incredible tool and it always needs a good workout- so like being at the gym test it, stretch it, make it work harder, it will also improve your abilities in whatever you want to do. Now, more importantly than the rather narrow logical and analytical curriculum you face at school, do yourself two big favours.

One, practise making decisions. The school environment doesn't do much for strengthening our decision making muscles so whenever you get a chance to make a decision do so. Too often people have very flabby decision making muscles - they just say, "I don't mind..." In my private practice, "Don't mind" is not an option. Making a choice is the only option!

The second task is to connect back to what you want to do in life. Moira and I love working on people's dreams, helping young people reconnect to their passion and purpose so that in turn going to school, or going to work, has a better meaning in the grand scheme of things. When we know what we want in life, the things we have to do are more palatable and understandable.

Often pupils don't know what they want, because they've been conditioned not to think ... and they grow up thinking that what they think is not important.

I'm currently working with a Southwell pupil on what he wants to do: like many he has a lack of confidence in his skills and this relates to a lack of personal strength to do what he wants. We all have areas in which we're weak, and in the gym, if my trainer points out that my hamstrings and glutes are weak...guess what? We train them harder! So with this pupil, each week I work on getting him to think about the right path for him (not for his school or for his parents, but for him): we're exercising his decision making muscles and his core self!

Article by Dr Alexander Moseley
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