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Plugged in symptoms - brief comment

Based on conversation with a pupil early...

With one to one tuition, my practice often runs like a doctor's office. Funnily enough, I explained to my pupil, I am a doctor (PhD in philosophy). People come in with similar symptoms all the time. So, imagine a medical doctor sitting there with patient after patient coming in with a runny nose and sore throat. What would be the problem?

Cold, she says.

Great. Most probably.

Now, when student after student comes in who struggles with spelling and can't focus very well, whose attention span is very limited, there are similar symptoms. In this case tv-itis. Of course they may be playing mind-suck online gaming or just messing with the ipad or device, but basically they're plugged in.

Obviously, as with medical appointments runny nose, sore throat could point to deeper underlying issues but the point is taken: if the patient doesn't recover after a week, then the medics look deeper. When I've managed to calm my pupils' gaming and tv input down and they're still struggling, I check diet and sleep...usually we find something to improve. Bottom line we have the rare pupil who cannot learn as well as we'd expect - often they have early physical issues such as premature birth or a prolonged childhood disease).

Article by Dr Alexander Moseley
Added Sun, 31 May 2015 11:45


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