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Purpose - says it all

The importance of purposeful action cannot be underestimated. Our purposes may be short term or long term - weeks or years - but the longer we reach out, the more powerful and confident we can be now.

I've worked with many students recently whose lack of purpose and direction has begun to to take its toll in the sense that they are finding it hard to motivate themselves to study: if we don't know why we're climbing the mountain, why bother?

Certainly some people look at the mountain of their dreams and say, wow, that's worth it! So, I'll set up base camp here, then the next one there...I'll take my map and keep reminding myself of where I'm going and why. Others have either forgotten their dreams or they believe the work is too hard to do to get there, so they don't bother trying. That's sad.

I believe though that our dreams are there and that they can be accessed and that we can do something about them.

The only real obstacle is ourselves: and teaching this to young people is passion of mine - so many have their dreams squashed or dropped as they try to negotiate the world of exams and mega-distractions. We do too, but before they fade forever as distant 'childish' dreams and 'what if' scenarios, it's a good idea to resuscitate them - and remind others to do the same.

Article by Dr Alexander Moseley
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