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Standing up to work

I heard a hard hitting podcast earlier in the summer, which is still reverberating. In it, a top personal trainer went through the usual excuses people make for not getting fit the top one being "I don't have time." His reply ; "You have time to be ill?"

Wow. Then I caught a video by Dr Mercola whom I read regularly on back pain. I don't suffer from back pain, but most people do - indeed, I was training in chiropractic several years ago as I thought that was a great service to offer people. What Mercola emphasised in the video was that prolonged sitting would certainly cause not just back issues but also metabolic issues: basically, we're not evolved to sit and since the last twist in our evolution was 40,000 years ago, we can't argue, "Well, perhaps we're adapting to chairs..." In the video Mercola showed us his library and desk - where he stands to work with an elevated keyboard. And that's what I'm doing now - first day aggravated my back a bit as I got used to standing while I wrote, but today's much better and I don't feel so stiff. Putting the two comments together, I thought - do I have time to have metabolic and back issues? No.

We evolved to move and moving helps physical and mental development and health.

Now I also hear the excuse from pupils that they "don't have time to read..." WHAT? "So, you have time to be illiterate?" Of course we all have time do things in the day or week, when we give them priority. And there can only be ONE priority, by the way - not several priorities (think about that too...) Making time to get fit and to read and continue to learn is all about creating a priority - the number one for me is to continue my self development. That takes many forms of course - eating right, sleeping right, improving my fitness, reading good books, spending good time with family, and improving my professional abilities. Basically, if we're not improving, we don't just stay in neutral - we go down hill in anything we do: health, intelligence, business savvy, numeracy, vocabulary, strength.

So, standing here writing away - here's Mercola's office.

Took two minutes to raise my keyboard - a minimal investment in my back and metabolism. Cool.

Article by Dr Alexander Moseley
Added Tue, 8 Sep 2015 12:11


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