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The crazy blueprints we create...

Blue print
Blue print
A blueprint or a framework is the principles from which and through which we look at ourselves, other people, and life. We can call it the subconscious - the tacit notions we hold, barely articulated but loud and clear when our emotions kick in.

Generally, most people's blueprints are a mess and so we get pulled back and forth: from a young age we're driven from one subject to another with little regard for what we're interested in and rarely do we make the connections to what truly fires us - and only a few can see through the intellectual fog to connect what they're learning with their passion.

That's not to knock the school system - schools need systems and pupils need to lean into them to make the most of their time there: as soon as we put the uniform on, we're part of a team and have to follow team rules.

But through the fog we stumble, picking up ideas here and there, connecting a few dots, often discarding stuff we don't think of as useful as it doesn't seem relevant...and then we hit the older years and wonder what the heck we're doing and why we're doing and how did we actually get there!

All the weed-thoughts that I mentioned last week, dribble down into the subconscious which in turn creates the blueprint for our reaction to life and events: our conditioning.

So if we're confused, we need to look deep: our blueprint got us here. And if our life is a bit of a mess (either mainly or just a bit frayed at the edges), it's not surprising to find out that our blueprint is a mess in those areas too. It's one of the fundamental reasons that I love to encourage pupils to think sharper.

My economics background taught me to think logically but also to explore the potential paths that emanate from a change in one variable; philosophy taught me to question the actual premises or blueprints from which we begin to think. I've always loved connecting what we say out loud (or think to ourselves) to the framework or blueprint we carry in our subconscious and then challenging the pathways and logic that connect that deeper self to the acing self. Indeed, I'm currently penning a book on how we dig ourselves into holes: something we all want our younger charges to avoid doing. Inevitably, they'll put themselves in a hole for some reason or other, but as long as we're giving them the mental and physical ability to get themselves out - and quickly too! - we've done our job.

Hey - if you any of you have a story you want to share (I easily anonymise it) for my research and book about being in and getting out of a hole you've dug, let me know. I'm two thirds the way through and should have it completed by the end of the month before it goes to proofreading.


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