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Time to celebrate rather than moan - a confession!

I had revelation today. It's been a long time coming but from now on, my articles will seek out the positive and accentuate the great, the wonderful, the beautiful.

Criticising is an easy sport, and I am, as a philosopher and educator, highly concerned about some trends we're in - ranging from diet to curriculum to the mass media and environmental issues; but we can all gripe, and I gripe enough about gripers...but it's time to change.

I'm a very positive chap: I look for the positive in most things, except perhaps when I write, when I get the demons that plague my mind and our culture out on paper and try to constrain them, like a Chinese painter in a fairy tale, who manages to chain the magic dragons that come alive on his murals by painting chains on them!

There is much to moan about - people, idiocy, governments, taxes, pollution, pharmaceutical products, tv, violent computer gaming - but there's so much more to celebrate than to damn. Our history books are replete with wars - but not the joys and successes of every day people.

So here's my promise - from now on, I shall only look for the positive for the Educational Thoughts and for my other columns.

Let me know if I fail and I shall go and hug my boys and get that positive outlook again. Talking of which, they're playing outside and I'm going to join them!

Article by Dr Alexander Moseley
Added Wed, 19 Mar 2014 09:52


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