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Over the years, our tutors at Classical Foundations have enabled students to excel to their potential: we have assisted students get into Oxford and Cambridge, medical and veterinary schools, and the universities and colleges of their choice or just to empower the pupil and give them confidence!

Our input into students lives is always unique and the feedback is wonderful: we have turned students around from being despondent to being engaged and proactive in their learning.

Each pupil over the years has come with strengths and weaknesses that the tutors have worked with and on. Every pupil we have had has been a success story in their own right and as a team we have worked with hundreds of pupils over the past ten years watching our students develop, gain confidence, and achieve their goals. Here are some of the prominent case studies from over the years:

2015 has been busy! We've worked with adults taking electrical engineering, mature students wanting to brush up their maths and English for PGCE courses, students retaking A-levels who heard about us through the grapevine - "I wish I had known about you last year" - 11+ candidates, GCSE and A-level candidates, common entrance (we helped a pupil get into Sherborne School), and our core group of long term clients who love to have that extra bit of input weekly.

In the Summer of 2014, we took a student on an E in Physics A-level and secured them a B. His mother told us, "It was the best money I've ever spent."

Indeed, we had another parent email us that "I don't normally look forward to paying invoices, but I certainly enjoyed paying yours!" Wow!

In 2014 we enjoyed a 100% success rate for our 11+ pupils: we've created a system that ensures that they have the best shot possible. F's mum reported to us several times that she was glad she started the training early!

H. had been excluded from his comprehensive school and we took him through his GCSEs - he scored very well and did himself proud!
J. was asked to leave a local independent school as he was seen as disruptive. On interviewing him, we found him to be intelligent and possessing a keen purpose to run his own restaurant business. He came on board with us for several lessons a week with different tutors and excelled under one-to-one mentorship. Part of the success was in taking his dreams seriously and showing how his learning related to his future career - and also being honest when the curricula did not relate to his interests! At least with a broader picture in mind, he could face the GCSE run with more understanding.
A. came to us with dyslexia issues and a great sense of humour. Within a few months her dyslexia had reduced enormously and her English skills improved immensely - she began to fly at one on the top independent schools in the country!
R. was coming to the end of her GCSEs when she engaged our services for Maths. The tutor noted that she had a good focus and concentration and encouraged her to have a higher ambition than going to college to do a beauty course. Working with her over the next two years saw R. accelerate in her learning and scoring AAB in her final A-levels. She moved on to do a Foundation Course in Art and Design and then a degree in Art in London.
B. was a highly disciplined student who always scored well in exams but did not have the polish required to secure a place at Oxford or Cambridge. After having enabled her to secure strong A grades at GCSE, the tutor worked with B. for several weeks on application and interview skills. B. has now graduated and is working in the media industry with Sky.
P. studied with Classical Foundations through his High School years during which time his academic abilities went from mediocre to a strong competency. As P. was highly interested in art, the tutor used art history and other resources to encourage and to develop his skills. He is currently proceeding to a Foundation Course.
N. was on the edge of being suspended at his school when the tutor was invited in to work with him. What he found was that N. had a latent intelligence and great wit which was then used to bring humour to his studies and to teach N. in how to look at the world, and particularly, the school world differently. Amongst his friends, N. was the only one to proceed to A-levels. After trying University for a year, N. is now working for Her Majesty's Armed Services.
At the age of 7, F. showed great intellectual ability - an extraordinary ability that had not been picked up at his local school and which was actually dismissed. After tutoring which progressed his mathematical skills to High School levels and reasoning abilities for his entrance exams, he succeeded in getting into the Nottingham Boys School and recently won a School scholarship.
A. was under Classical Foundations guidance during her year 10 studies but her low energy levels indicated something amiss with her health. The tutor encouraged her and her parents to seek higher level advice from the Health Services and she was finally diagnosed with ME. Through discussions with the family and the school, it was decided that she retook her year 10 before proceeding to complete GCSEs in the core subjects; Classical Foundations tutored and supported her while she slowly recovered over the two years.
C. disliked English intensely but loved numbers. He applied to do the 11+ entrance exam for Kings School in Grantham and was tutored to an above average standard. Sometimes the time is not right to press a subject upon a pupil but gradually, as C's emotional barriers came down, he discovered a strong interest in Napoleonic history and chess; these have been used to work on his vocabulary and imaginative skills alongside exploring his strong analytical skills in maths.
K. was a high flying scientist and mathematician who required work in the Humanities to help booster his grades. The tutor worked with him through his GCSEs and was then engaged periodically to mentor K during his sixth form time and assist in UCAS applications and interview technique for Medical School. In an extraordinary turn of events, while K was predicted straight As in the sciences and his maths modules, he did not initially get any offers from his university. For four months, the tutor maintained contact encouraging and discussing various options with K while he tried to make sense of other career paths - or alternative ways to gain entrance to Medical School. Fortunately, on the day of his results, he called Sheffield University and was admitted the next day.

Sometimes a pupil is in the wrong school - they are underachieving for a variety of reasons: peer group pressure and particular teachers who have written them off. At this point, life can be a quiet hell for such pupils and one-to-one tuition and mentoring can provide an excellent vehicle for working through different options from a more impartial perspective. At Classical Foundations we have no formal connection with any school so we can help parents and pupils make difficult decisions about their child's options should the need arise or be noted.

Over the years, some pupils and parents have expressed concerns regarding their current schooling. The tutors and/or parents have opened up discussions about other schools and some have taken the decision to pull their children from school completely or to send them to another school. We have not known any that have regretted the decision.

Sometimes a pupil is engaging in mentally debilitating hobbies such as watching DVDs all night or playing computer games rather than socialising or being a kid. A personal tutor is in a position to help the student manage their leisure time better and to suggest to parents more productive paths. Without a doubt, we have seen excellent results from pupils whose parents have banned computer games (of all sorts - phone apps to DSs to X-boxes to online gaming) and television viewing.

One year, J. and C. both showed good promise in their first tutorials but both also exhibited a scattiness and lack of attention that corresponded to being plugged in. Informal discussions on the amount played led to a formal family decision to prohibit such games and other electronic distractions for the summer period prior to their 11+ results. Both boys scored extremely high in their exams surprising both parents and themselves!


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